Tonights Final Performance Sat 10th Nov

Teechers a play by John Godber

Come and enjoy an evening of theatre with TACT performing this full length play. 

Tonights performance 

Final performance of Teechers this evening! Looking forward to seeing you all there. It's cash only on the door as there's no card facility. Get there for 7pm so you have time to find your table and get the drinks in before the bell goes at 7.30pm!

Introducing some of Teechers Characters 


Meet Salty, our rebellious school leaver who is legendary amongst her classmates for her naughty drawings!

Mr Nixon

Introducing Mr Nixon. Spandau Norte High School's new, young, fresh out of the box drama teacher.

Simon Patterson

Meet Simon Patterson. This youngster is a very enthusiastic pupil who runs around the school when he shouldn't. He gets over excited at school discos!

TEECHERS a play by John Godber


Performed by TACT with soundtrack from the 80's


Tickets from Sue Fortune 01827 69082

     TACT are English champions 2018  

               Seen here performing "The Thrill of Love" at the British finals in Sterling Scotland

                                                 Cast and crew on set for a rare photo together 

TACT  became British Champions with their performance of Lear's Daughters at The Mac Theatre Belfast 2017


TACT = Total Arts Community Theatre

Photos of some of the cast in rehearsal

TACT performing For the Love of a Butterfly and winning the English Finals 2014

TACT (UK) Performed at Edinburgh Fringe 2013

A Tiny Tempest

By William Shakespeare

(adapted by Rebekah Fortune)

A Tiny Tempest is a fast paced, high-energy adaptation of Shakespeare's classic, aimed at
families and young people.Developed for the RSC cultural Olympiad in 2012,using the original language and telling the entire story in 55 minutes, this joyous yet moving romp is perfect for English/Drama Students and young people looking to be excited by Shakespeare.

Prospera, a sorcerer and the rightful ruler of Milan, dwells on an enchanted isle with daughter, Miranda.. Prospera is served on the island by Ariel, a spirit freed from a tree, with magic along with Caliban, son of the witch Sycorax. When magic reveals that a ship bearing old enemies is sailing near the island, Prospera summons a storm to wreck their ship. The survivors make it to shore in scattered groups. Among these is Ferdinand, the son of Alonsa. He is lulled to Prospera's abode by captivating singing, where he meets Miranda, who is enthralled with the young prince.
Meanwhile, the survivors wander the island in search of Ferdinand. Prospera, still mad with them, summons Ariel to torment them and much hilarity ensues. The love of the young prince and Miranda finally helps the former rivals to reunite and a wedding is arranged.

With a stunning set design, an original score and breathtaking costumes this production is a captivating feast for the senses. Music, slapstick comedy and romance, lift this abridged production of The Tempest out of the ordinary.

Populated by a raucous ensemble of unruly spirits, unfortunate clowns and usurping royals, this production creates an island paradise populated with airy delights, that audiences of all ages would be hard-pressed to leave!

My Best Friend *****

Performed with such sensitive restraint that although the topics raised are dark and emotive you cannot help but laugh....Absolutely one of the best things I have ever seen at the Fringe.. Three Weeks

Perseus The Gorgon Slayer *****

Children and adults alike were enthralled, innovative and imaginative presentation all added to a superb performance... The Herald

Theseus and the Minotaur ****
An impressively clear unravelling of a complex tale, the cast create a colourfully inventive tale that keeps everyone enthralled... The Scotsman

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Total Arts Community Theatre ... An amateur production company based in Tamworth who are staging innovative and compelling productions for one act plays.

This group were All England winners in 1999, 2007,2009,2012, and British winners in 2007. Being a small company with less than 20 members and with no permanent theatre or rehearsal space, we take to the stage in venues ranging from sumptuous to the primitive.

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Each year as well as at least one festival entry, they perform a full length play or a childrens show or the hugely popular fun entertainment "Victorian Vulgarities", the group writes much of its own material, and continues to develop its appreciation of physical theatre through workshops with professional actors.

Every year Sue Fortune the Chairman of TACT and her team runs the Tamworth Hastilow Drama festival incorporating the first round of the All England Festival for one act plays.
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TACT...Total Arts Community Theatre