The Youth Theatre will be available to all young people between the ages of 7-18 years of age.
There will be no discrimination with regards to race, ability and those with special needs.
A qualified drama teacher will run the group and ex members will be encouraged to share their skills on a voluntary basis.
We will incorporate the discipline of theatre and the excitement of a youth club, offering members a valuable, educative and fun experience

We will endeavour to create an environment where young people can learn to express themselves through the arts and hold weekly workshops throughout the year to achieve this end.
We will produce performances, giving all the members the opportunity to take part in one act play festivals, where members can take on various theatre tasks from directing and acting to technical aspects of theatre as well as writing.

2. The aim of IMPACT -

(a) To provide a means of personal growth and development through drama.

(b) To introduce young people to drama and the allied arts at the highest level possible.

(c) To educate through the process of dramatic experience.

(d) To create awareness, appreciation and an interest in theatre.

(e) To provide a social setting in which young people can feel safe and comfortable to explore through drama and the arts.

(f) To provide Arts for all.

Community Drama

Multi Award wining Tamworth Youth Theatre IMP-ACT are recruiting for new members after record numbers of past students leave to study Drama at University.

If you are a young person aged 7- 12 we have spaces available in our Friday Night 5pm session and 13-18 year olds in our 6.10pm session.

Although we have great success with students going on to top Drama Schools and universities we also have many young people who just gain confidence and the ability to present themselves and work as part of a team which helps them greatly when leaving school.
We take part in National Festivals throughout the country and regularly win many awards. We will be starting work on this years festival plays in the next few weeks so this is an ideal time to join.
We charge a minimal fee in the hope that we can then offer Drama to everyone. 
If you are interested please call Sue on 07794420521 or 01827 69082 or email leaving a contact telephone number.


Get social with us.

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